Dermal Facial Filler Treatments For Men

Dermal Facial Filler Treatments For Men
Why it is important for men to see medical practitioners who are experienced in achieving the best outcomes when choosing dermal filler treatments.

Oct 13th, 2019

Here at Antiwrinkle Clinic, Dr Yiannis explains that despite facial fillers being twice as popular among men as they were ten years ago. Results can be phenomenal when used in moderation, but too much filler can give you an overstuffed look, causing the cheeks and other areas of the face to puff out.

If you’re concerned about staying competitive at work or simply want to refresh your look, dermal fillers treatments here at the Antiwrinkle Clinid are a minimally-invasive and an almost instant solution. One of the main reasons they’re so popular is because they essentially provide immediate results.

Bear in mind however that men and women’s faces do not age the same way. Over-filling areas such as the cheekbones or lips can cause a “puffy” appearance and feminise facial features. It’s advised to speak with several surgeons before settling with one that you feel comfortable with and who has a proven track record of performing facial rejuvenation procedures on men.
Overfilling can lead to some shocking results as you can see here:

Why do men sometimes need different dermal filler treatments than women?

It’s a biological fact that men tend to have thicker skin and larger bones than women. Consequently, men often need a thicker, more viscous dermal filler to achieve the best results.
For a lot of men we use anti-wrinkle injections first and fillers in ongoing treatments. Women are more likely to use dermal fillers in their lips, marionette lines and upper cheeks, the men who come to see me are typically more concerned with lower lids and nasolabial folds. I like to use a different filler for the lower lids different fillers lasts longer than others. I also like to prescribe the best fillers for cheeks and nasolabial folds which may help to make the treatment results last longer.