Are you my type?

Are you my type?
Do you know your skin type?

Nov 30th, 2018

Facials are nothing new these days with most of us incorporating them into our skincare regime. However, with so many medispas offering these treatment it can be difficult to choose the one that is right for you.

We all realise by now that as well as daily maintenance our skin requires something extra and that can come in the form of a facial. Many factors including stress, diet and of course the elements all take their toll on our skin especially the face. Therefore it’s essential you choose one that is going to benefit you and have the correct at home skincare routine.

You would not put petrol in a diesel car nor should you put the wrong skincare on your face – Do you know your skin type?

Here are NU FACE London we offer personalised skin consultations so that you can ensure that you are using the right skin care for your skin type.  So what are the most common types of skin that men have?

There are 5 basic skin types: oily, dry, sensitive, combination and normal, but be aware that your skin type will change from time to time and you will have different needs depending on the time of year, if you are under stress, or as you age.

Sensitive Skin

Tightness, roughness, redness, inflammation: anyone whose skin is highly reactive (to the environment and other products) will know the uncomfortable effects of sensitive skin. Less is always more for sensitive types so look for skin care creams containing ingredients with a powerful anti-oxidants to soothe, de-stress and protect.

Dry skin

Skin is tight, drawn, and flaky with a dull complexion. Dry skin can lack elasticity and be extremely sensitive to the sun, wind, and cold temperatures. Dry skin occurs when the dermis does not secrete enough oil, or sebum.

Oily Skin

Oily skin can change from day to day, depending on the elements. This type of skin appears as shiny, thick, or slightly waxy, often oily skin has coarse pores and pimples and other blemishes. It is prone to blackheads, whiteheads and pimples. In this type of skin, the oil-producing sebaceous glands are overactive and produce excess oil and lipids than is needed. The oil gives the skin a greasy shine, the skin pores are enlarged and the skin has a coarse look.

Combination Skin

This can be a mixture of all the basic types, usually the differences are in the T-zone that crosses the forehead and down the nose and chin.

Normal Skin

Normal skin, no dryness, no inflammation, and no redness – this is the ideal state for your skin to be in, to keep it this way:

Follow the NU FACE Skincare Routine with the correct skincare for your type

  • Cleanse and moisturise twice a day.


  • Use a youth boosting serum.


  • Exfoliate once a week.


  • Use a mask to give your skin an added lift when needed.


  • Use a factor 30-50 SPF sunscreen every day to stop harmful UV rays ageing your skin.


One important note about skin is that it changes as you age. The skin will get thinner, dryer, and will get more sensitive as you age, so it is important that you re-visit any products you use as your needs could change and your current products may no longer be effective.

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