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Avoid ‘Resting Grinch Face’ this Christmas with Dr Yiannis
Cosy nights, scenic snow, Christmas lights… there’s so much the Anti Wrinkle Clinic in Marylebone loves about the approaching winter season.

Dec 7th, 2022

But whilst you’re sat at home under fluffy blankets and dimmed lights, you may suddenly catch sight of yourself in the mirror and think – “what happened to my skin!?” Oh dear, you forgot about that side of winter.

You might not associate winter with dryness – after all, it’s a pretty damp and wet season – but the truth is it’s even more drying on skin than summertime.

If you’ve spent time and money having anti wrinkle injections, fillers, Profhilo and other treatments, you might be wondering what’s causing your face to lose it’s dewy glow and how it can be restored.

Tis the season to party

Parties certainly peak this time of year as every weekend in the run-up to Christmas is filled with a burst of social outings. Without realising, all the extra alcohol consumed, junk food and sugar can lead to acne breakouts, rosacea and dryness which can make fine lines and wrinkles more visible.

Lots of people will also be wearing more and taking off less when it comes to makeup; they will arrive home late and go straight to bed leaving makeup on their face all night. This is an open invitation for bacteria, clogged pores, breakouts, and blackheads.

Restless night, holy night

All these social obligations and parties, and burning the candle at both ends, usually results in poor quality sleep. Inadequate sleep raises your cortisol levels. This hormone then triggers inflammation, which breaks down the proteins that keep your skin smooth and glowing. Having quality sleep also prompts the production of collagen, so over time a lack of sleep will lead to dark circles, eye bags, fine lines and a pale complexion – leaving you with a ‘resting grinch face’.

Destination: Winter Wonderland

Many of us plan holidays over the Christmas break; whether that’s a week in the sun or a week on the snowy slopes both of these will effect skin. Warm breaks could lead to excess skin exposure on already-dry skin, as well as skin stress as it goes from a cold climate to a hot one.

Santa baby, slip some skincare under the tree

Don’t know what to buy someone? “Something ‘smelly’ will do!”


We’ve all fallen foul of buying someone bath bombs and moisturiser sets in pretty packaging when we just can’t think of anything else. However, we always need to be mindful of what we put on our skin. Using a new product, just because it looks nice, smells nice and was a gift isn’t a good enough reason. Strong perfumed products could wreak havoc on sensitive skin. All that glitters is not gold.

Rockin’ around the AWC

Thankfully Dr Yiannis and the Anti Wrinkle Clinic have an abundance of experience in preventing and treating winter skin. From injectable treatment to our stocked skincare ranges, we have something for all your skin worries.

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