Beauty behind the beast
We all know that Beauty and the Beast is just a movie right? But here at NU FACE London we uncover our fair share of handsome individuals hiding behind a rough and unkempt exterior.

Nov 30th, 2018

Long gone are the days when men think grooming starts and ends with a simple haircut. We are here to tell you that you can promise to pamper the beast within you without sacrificing your masculinity but nowadays you need more than just your simple cut-and-go. From cool shaves and classic retro cuts to trend setting styles, men are adding skincare and anti-aging treatments to their routine.

Despite the downturn in plastic surgery according to the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS), here at NU FACE we are experiencing a sharp rise in request from our male patients for non-surgical ageing advice.

We live in a world where the US male grooming industry is worth close to $50bn last year with moisturisers, pomades, body hair removal products and blemish concealer populating increasing areas of physical and digital shelf space. Retail sales of male grooming products at Procter & Gamble, including its Gillette brand, are more than $11bn, while Unilever, which sells the Lynx brands, sold nearly $5bn in 2015. Grooming is a good business to be in right now.

And we say that there is nothing wrong with getting rid of the beast and finding the best version of you.  It is more and more common for men to invest in anti-wrinkle injections and to get their skincare regime on point with professional products like Obagi.

Go on then, tackle the skin damage from your shave routine and the sun which can’t be fixed with the soap and water, you need targeted products to help protect and restore. And with the fashion of more Men shunning the razor and embracing the facial hair, then cleansing your beard and skin properly is a must. So taking all this into account PLUS Men are usually more likely to not use a sunscreen then probably more men need facial treatments than women, thanks to their coarser skin, larger pores, hairy faces and increased chance of sun damage.

Our Top 3 treatments and products to beat the Beast in you here NU FACE London are:

Anti-wrinkle injections

A simple and relatively painless treatment to smooth out wrinkles. Lasts 3-4 months.

Professional skincare

Our at home range skincare from ZO and SkinCeuticals is perfect for maintaining in clinic treatments, keeping skin looking fresh and slowing down ageing.

Chemical Peels

We use varying depths of peels to treat discoloration, sun damage and to uncover a brighter and fresher complexion.

Dermal Fillers

To hydrate and maintain a youthful face contours.

Men are paying attention to their appearance more than ever before; they want to look better, feel better, and to look younger longer. And they are going to great lengths and expenses to achieve the perfect look, we can help you achieve this. Go ahead, look around — the guy next to you has his groom on. You probably should too.

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