Dermal Fillers and Temples

Dermal Fillers and Temples
The temple is the facial region between start of the brow bone next to your eye and the top of the cheekbone.

Nov 27th, 2018

Sometimes volume loss in your temple region creates a rather unflattering shadow effect that contributes to a dreary appearance of the eyes and the face.

The truth is that the majority of temples do have a natural slight concavity. However, too much concavity tends to disrupt the silhouette or frame of the face. The objective of dermal filler treatment to your hollow temple area is to provide your face with a better overall shape and a smooth transition to the temporal hairline from your peri-orbital area.

Increased temples volume can have a dramatic and positive effect, greatly improving the appearance of your face!

Injectable Facial Fillers

Through the strategic use of injectable facial dermal fillers, a physician can increase the volume in your temples eliminating undesirable shadowing and highlight your eyes.

Several types of dermal fillers are very effective at filling out the temples. However, the best one for you will depend on your particular case such as the amount of facial volume loss and the outcome of the doctor’s examination.

Fat Grafting

Fat grafting is a method of dermal filling that has proven to be effective at boosting the appearance of your hollow temples. Sometimes referred to as multi-level fat grafting, this is a procedure in which your physician removes fat from some other lower body location (mostly buttocks or thighs) through a process of liposuction. The fat gets processed and then injected into your face to fill-out the sunken hollow areas.

Fat grafting procedures has several benefits. First, as the injectable fat has been extracted from your own body, chances of tissue rejection or allergic reactions are minimal. In addition, the fat grafting results tend to be longer lasting than experienced with other forms of dermal filler injections.


With any type of temple-augmentation must not be minimised. In your temple area, there are lots of vital veins and important structures, and you must not risk these getting damaged. It is, therefore, very important that you get a qualified and highly trained injection expert or cosmetic dermatologist to perform your temples filler injections. Call Nu Face London today, to find out which is the best treatment for you.

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