The Summer skin reset

The Summer skin reset
Now that summer is gone, we are going to need to up our skincare game to replenish sun parched skin and to begin the preventative steps to deal the harsh effects of colder weather ahead.

Nov 27th, 2018

But here at Nu Face London we also have to repair what ‘damage’ you did this summer! The increase in exposure to sunlight that comes in summer brings on problems such as uneven pigmentation, blocked pores, blackheads and dryness, it might be time to consider a course of non-invasive clinic treatment that can really.

Clear up your complexion that can:

  • Treat some of the skin problems left over from summer
  • Prepare your skin for the cold of winter
  • Tackle some of your skin rejuvenation goals
  • Get your skin looking its best for the Festive season

Sun Damage

If you are frustrated that you have more freckles, blotchy skin tone, and darker age spots after the summer? You can begin with a professional skincare regime including Obagi Nu-Derm which will help to lighten and brighten the skin.

Dry Skin

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Rehydrate and prepare

After months of summer sun and maybe have worked on tan more than your skincare and whilst we recommend a good SPF every day we also need to repair and prepare your skin for the coming months. Now you have exfoliated and peeled the skin is perfectly ready for skin boosting Vitamins like Vitamin A and Vitamin C in conjunction with concentrated corrective HYDRA serum with Hyaluronic Acid from PH Formula.


Now that your skin is in tip top condition we can address any issues that you may have to do with ageing like skin laxity and fine lines and wrinkles. Our expert practitioner Mr Yiannis is offering free consultations whereby he can assess your needs and give expert opinions and explain treatments options available.

Home time

Some of the treatments that we have recommended are in clinic but you can get kick started at Nu Face London and then carry on at home with some of our fabulous Skin Reset solutions.

At Nu Face London we recommend that you have a good range of professional skincare that really works at home. This should include a more robust autumn/winter nourishing cleanser, serum or vitamin cream followed by a moisturiser and good SPF.

Our favourites are: Obagi Medical products, ZO SkinHealth products, pHformula and SKinCeuticals.

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