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Anti-Wrinkle Injections

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Face Up To Fresher Skin

When you’re pulled in so many different directions at a hundred miles an hour, it’s hard to find time to look after your skin. Don’t let the years show – try anti-wrinkle injections from the Antiwrinkle Clinic from as little as £210.

Why Anti-Wrinkle Injections?

Ageing causes elasticity reduction in our skin. External influences such as stress, over-indulgence, sun exposure and dehydration speed this up.

Focused anti-wrinkle injections are able to soften fine lines and wrinkles. This brightens your appearance by relaxing the facial muscles.

What’s involved in the treatment?

It only takes a few minutes to look young and fresh again. The treatments target key areas with immediately visible results that last for up to 3-4 months.

What are the after-effects?

Following the treatment redness, irritation, discomfort and tingling might develop at the site of injections. These are common side effects that usually resolve in 30 to 60 mins, although not everybody gets them.

The Antiwrinkle Clinic delivers subtle but effective enhancements to compliment your natural beauty and to pause the effects of ageing while avoiding frozen, bloated expressions.

What areas of my face can be treated?

Broadly speaking, anti-wrinkle injections can be used to soften most wrinkles or deep grooves of the upper third of the face. Common areas for treatment are the laughter wrinkles around the eyes, the vertical lines and grooves of the frowning and the horizontal wrinkles on the forehead. Additionally, anti-wrinkle injections can be used for correction of jowls and definition of the jaw line.

Tell me more about the results?

Visible improvement of lines/wrinkles should be noticeable within the first 2 to 3 days. However, it could take up to 2 weeks to see full results. The results can last up to 3-4 months and may vary with each patient.

Who can’t have anti-wrinkle injections?

Anti-wrinkle injection are not recommended for patients who suffer from active acne or skin inflammation.

Anyone who has had a chemical peel or laser treatment will need to wait 2 weeks before injections are administered.

Anti-wrinkle injections are not advised for anyone pregnant or breastfeeding.

Client Testimonials

georgia wright
georgia wright
19:29 22 Feb 19
Yiannis is the absolute best! Unbelievably professional and kind and really puts you at ease. His Botox technique is incredible - will definitely be coming back. Thanks!
Emily Kiddle
Emily Kiddle
18:08 25 Jan 19
I have been going to Dr Valilas every 3 months for several years now, and truly cannot recommend him highly enough. From his relaxed demeanor, his professional approach, his ability to recommend & remedy areas I have of concern with simple, natural-looking enhancements, whilst also a gentle way to steer me (I’m stubborn) away from unnecessary procedures I may want but don’t need! Every time, flawless. The amusing thing is that I’m an identical twin, and every time when I’m back in Australia for my yearly visit, people are always commenting on how “great...healthy...young” I look, and can’t put their finger on why….Which I guess is the beauty of it all! This guy rocks. I wouldn’t go to anyone else, so god forbid he left his craft.
Valeria Lorenzi
Valeria Lorenzi
10:04 27 Nov 18
I had been considering tear trough fillers for a while as I was unhappy with the hollowness under my eyes. My dentist suggested me to go to see Dr Valilas at Nu Face London for a consultation. Yiannis is an excellent professional with an incredibly soft touch. He answered all of my questions and explained the procedure as well as all the possible risks involved. I decided to go ahead with the treatment and it made a real difference! I’m thrilled with the appearance of my eyes now. He is truly an artist
Allure Salon
Allure Salon
18:38 22 Nov 18
Yianis is very professional, I have been going to him for over a year. He is really good. I have tried other places and I haven’t been really pleased. Hardly recommend it!!!
laura witcher
laura witcher
10:59 03 Oct 18
Some people work to live but Dr Yiannis lives to work, he is engaging, kind, supportive and fantastic at what he does. I am super happy with the results and level of service that I received, I am sure I will become a loyal customer and would definitely recommend to others.
Rebecca Tallon de Havilland
Rebecca Tallon de Havilland
12:06 18 Aug 18
I have found after many years a true professional and his skills out way others I have met along the way . I’ve just turned 60 and looking tired and drawn . Not anymore thanks to Yannins , who has taken great care and understanding about what I want and what I need . I would and will recommend him to all my inner circle. I’ve not done this before
16:40 16 Aug 18
Yanis is a genius and a very kind person. He has a highly developed aesthetic sense and knows how to make the face more symmetrical. He was very informative and patient with addressing my questions and concerns. He comes highly recommended by a friend and I will recommend him Too!!!
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About Nu Face’s Yiannis Valilas

Nu Face London uses the latest cutting-edge equipment and products ensuring outstanding results. We are an accredited Save Face clinic, and take pride in our client’s safety and well being.

At Nu Face London, we aim to fulfil your needs and meet your expectations. Yiannis has more than 13 years experience in aesthetics and restorative dentistry. He has built up a loyal clientele with his bespoke treatment plans. Every client gets a customised facial care plan as part of the service. Our clients get great results and amazing personal service. Read our reviews, they speak for themselves.

The Nu Face London ethos is to give clients a natural look by enhancing their existing features. We want you to look great and feel more confident.


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