Beauty behind the beast

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We all know that Beauty and the Beast is just a movie right? But here at NU FACE London we uncover our fair share of handsome individuals hiding behind a rough and unkempt exterior. Long gone are the days when men think grooming starts and ends with a simple haircut. We are here to tell
Spring into summer with mens grooming tips
Spring and Summer Skincare Tips for Men Here is how to make a few small adjustments that will give you big results. Springtime is here, and you can’t help feeling a little happier and more confident. Before you start taking long walks in the park and enjoying the sunshine, though, you need to learn how
Are you my type?

Are you my type?

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Do you know your skin type? Facials are nothing new these days with most of us incorporating them into our skincare regime. However, with so many medispas offering these treatment it can be difficult to choose the one that is right for you. We all realise by now that as well as daily maintenance our
sun safety advice
We are constantly being told to use a good sun protection factor, everyday even if the sun is not shinning as is often the case here in London.  Do you know why a good SPF is important and how strong it needs to be to be effective?  Be #SunSmart #SUNFACTS The sun is 4.5 billion
Dermal Fillers and Temples
The temple is the facial region between start of the brow bone next to your eye and the top of the cheekbone. Sometimes volume loss in your temple region creates a rather unflattering shadow effect that contributes to a dreary appearance of the eyes and the face. The truth is that the majority of temples