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When you’re pulled in so many different directions at a hundred miles an hour, it’s hard to find time to look after your skin. Don’t let the years show – try Hyaluronic Acid (HA) dermal fillers from Nu Face London from as little as £320

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Why Dermal Fillers

Facial ageing is a multifactorial process that affects different structures including bone, muscles and fat distribution.

As a result skin appears drier, less elastic, with volume loss and collagen reduction that contributes to formation of wrinkles, deep folds and areas of skin depression or sagging.

Hyaluronic Acid (HA) dermal filler is a viscoelastic gel of cross-linked hyaluronic acid, sterile, transparent of non-animal origin  that is injected to create volume and correct wrinkles, restore hydration and reshape and redefine facial contours.

What’s involved in the treatment?

Taking no longer than 30 minutes, tiny quantities of HA filler are injected in the treatment areas via a series of small injections, with immediately visible results that last for up to 6-18 months.

Most of the leading products contain local anaesthetic making the process relatively painless, but additional topical anaesthetic can be applied upon request.

What are the after effects?

Following the treatment, some redness, mild pain, bruising and swelling might occur at the site of injection. These are common side effects of mild severity that usually resolve in 48 hours, although not everybody gets these symptoms.

Nu Face delivers subtle but effective enhancements to compliment your natural beauty and to pause the effects of ageing while avoiding frozen, bloated expressions.

What areas of my face can be treated?

Broadly speaking, dermal fillers can be used to correct hollowness in the temples, improve volume loss and darkness under the eyes (tear trough), enhance and hydrate the lips, soften the nasolabial folds (nose to mouth lines) and marionette lines (distinct lines running from the corner of the lips- “sad look”) and define the jaw line.

Tell me more about the results?

You will immediately notice smoother, plumper skin, but the site of injections may be slightly swollen and red. This will subside over 48 hours, with the filler settling completely after 10 days. The filler will be gradually broken down by your body over a period of 6-18 months.

Who can’t have dermal filler injections?

Patients with active pathology (acne, herpes, rosacea), skin inflammation or unhealed skin alteration are advised to avoid any treatment.

Anyone who has had a chemical peel or laser treatment will need to wait 2 weeks before injections are administered.

Anti-wrinkle injections are not advised for anyone pregnant or breastfeeding.

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About Yiannis Valilas

Dr Yiannis Valilas is a highly respected, qualified general dentist with over 10 years of experience in the field of non-surgical facial aesthetics. His qualifications include an MSc in Restorative and Aesthetic Dentistry, a Certificate in Advanced Aesthetic Dentistry and he is a registered General Dental Associate.

Dr Yiannis’ dental career led him to realise that correcting the smile would only go so far in restoring peoples’ confidence – and so his passion for facial aesthetics grew.

He is in demand in a select number of highly reputable, high-end clinics, gaining extensive experience and knowledge in the field of advanced facial aesthetics. Over the past 13 years, his reputation has soared, earning him huge credibility; he is now much sought-after for both dentistry and advanced facial aesthetics.


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Client Testimonials

Claudia Lewin
Claudia Lewin
16:12 23 Dec 19
This is the botox guru. Hands down the best - for sure in London. I have also done fillers with him (nasolabial fold) and the results were amazing. He really takes his time, explains everything in detail, takes record of every change and every treatment and very much tries to accommodate everyone's busy time schedule. Cannot recommend him highly enough.
Carlos Fontanarrosa
Carlos Fontanarrosa
18:07 11 Dec 19
I Had three areas of Botox. Great results and for longer. I will definitely recommend him.
Madonher2 .
Madonher2 .
21:05 10 Dec 19
I have recently had my first treatments with Dr Yannis. I had Tear Trough treatment and three areas of Botox. It was my first time having Tear Trough treatment and he explained everything amazingly and was so considerate with my being a little nervous about it. The free follow up appointment was included and he made sure I was absolutely happy with the results of both treatments. I am so happy to recommend him to people and I'm looking forward to returning for further treatments.
Salena-Lorine Lee
Salena-Lorine Lee
11:25 07 Dec 19
Exceptional experience with tear trough fillers. I wanted a very mild treatment, just enough so I don’t need to wear cover up under my eyes. Dr Yiannis was professional, very in tune with health and safety requirements, and made me feel at ease about the treatment. I had no bruising or swelling and got exactly the result I wanted - a fresh and awake face every day without having to apply any makeup! Photos also look much better now - a great outcome I hadn’t thought about but makes me even happier I went through with the treatment. Highly, highly recommend, even with someone who only has mild under eye darkness.
André Hellström
André Hellström
07:47 07 Dec 19
I’ve done Botox a few times but this is best result I’ve ever got. The doctor knew exactly how much I needed to make it look natural. I didn’t even need a touch up which I usually, with my quick thick skin, always need. Because of the trust I feel, I will definitely go back and do some other skin treatments that I’ve been curious to try out.
Javier Martinez
Javier Martinez
13:06 04 Dec 19
Had a great experience with Dr Yiannis over the past year. The results exceeded my initial expectations on the treatment and the customer experience was outstanding. Always approachable, genuinely caring but most of all, honest and very clear in his communications throughout. A true professional!
georgia wright
georgia wright
19:29 22 Feb 19
Yiannis is the absolute best! Unbelievably professional and kind and really puts you at ease. His Botox technique is incredible - will definitely be coming back. Thanks!
Emily Kiddle
Emily Kiddle
18:08 25 Jan 19
I have been going to Dr Valilas every 3 months for several years now, and truly cannot recommend him highly enough. From his relaxed demeanor, his professional approach, his ability to recommend & remedy areas I have of concern with simple, natural-looking enhancements, whilst also a gentle way to steer me (I’m stubborn) away from unnecessary procedures I may want but don’t need! Every time, flawless. The amusing thing is that I’m an identical twin, and every time when I’m back in Australia for my yearly visit, people are always commenting on how “great...healthy...young” I look, and can’t put their finger on why….Which I guess is the beauty of it all! This guy rocks. I wouldn’t go to anyone else, so god forbid he left his craft.
Valeria Lorenzi
Valeria Lorenzi
10:04 27 Nov 18
I had been considering tear trough fillers for a while as I was unhappy with the hollowness under my eyes. My dentist suggested me to go to see Dr Valilas at Nu Face London for a consultation. Yiannis is an excellent professional with an incredibly soft touch. He answered all of my questions and explained the procedure as well as all the possible risks involved. I decided to go ahead with the treatment and it made a real difference! I’m thrilled with the appearance of my eyes now. He is truly an artist
Allure Salon
Allure Salon
18:38 22 Nov 18
Yianis is very professional, I have been going to him for over a year. He is really good. I have tried other places and I haven’t been really pleased. Hardly recommend it!!!
laura witcher
laura witcher
10:59 03 Oct 18
Some people work to live but Dr Yiannis lives to work, he is engaging, kind, supportive and fantastic at what he does. I am super happy with the results and level of service that I received, I am sure I will become a loyal customer and would definitely recommend to others.
Rebecca Tallon de Havilland
Rebecca Tallon de Havilland
12:06 18 Aug 18
I have found after many years a true professional and his skills out way others I have met along the way . I’ve just turned 60 and looking tired and drawn . Not anymore thanks to Yannins , who has taken great care and understanding about what I want and what I need . I would and will recommend him to all my inner circle. I’ve not done this before
16:40 16 Aug 18
Yanis is a genius and a very kind person. He has a highly developed aesthetic sense and knows how to make the face more symmetrical. He was very informative and patient with addressing my questions and concerns. He comes highly recommended by a friend and I will recommend him Too!!!
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