All in the Smile

Lips & Whitening

It’s time to turn that frown upside down! Nothing is more attractive than a beautiful smile. Dr Yiannis, a dentistry expert, has the ultimate package for a sensational smile. This treatment focuses purely on the lower third of the face, using dermal fillers for fuller lips, anti-wrinkle injections to upturn the corners of the mouth, and a whitening treatment for pearly-looking teeth.

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Had a great experience with Dr Yiannis over the past year. The results exceeded my initial expectations on the treatment and the customer experience was outstanding. Always approachable, genuinely caring but most of all, honest and very clear in his communications throughout. A true professional!


Outstanding results. Second time treating 3 areas with Botox. Results were excellent and competitively priced for London. I was offered a 're-touch visit' even though I am not a new client and had already asked for the frozen look. Other clinics will only offer a 're-touch' visit for first time clients and wouldn't typically offer it if you have already gone for the frozen look i.e. some clinics have a narrow, not so generous view on how much Botox they use per client per area and are not willing to 'top it up' if you feel like you want them to. On my second Botox visit I also had a lip filler treatment with Teosyal HRA 2. Result was exceptional! I had had a not so positive experience at a Harley St clinic with a renowned plastic surgeon (TV, The Times appearances). The Harley St session left me with nice lips, but not as fuller as I wanted and also there were some lumps in the inner part of my lips, mostly only visible to me, but not what you expect when paying Harley St prices.

With Yiannis though, I walked out of the clinic with exactly what I had in mind. In fact, it is Yiannis eye for aesthetics and his advice that are so valuable about his consultation. I had some pictures of the look I wanted him to achieve on my lips. Rather then simply doing as I asked he explained the constraints of my lip anatomy, the aesthetics aspects of my natural lips that I would want to maintain. In sum, I ended up with an enhanced version of my natural lips, not a blown-up distortion. His technic was also far superior than other experiences I had, where he injected the filler from the skin under and above the lips, as opposed to directly into the lips. Meaning no bruising and much nicer central projection. Upper and lower lips were perfectly balanced to maintain a masculine experience, just as I wanted. Most importantly, they look totally natural! Duck lips, blown out of proportion are awful in women, but in men they are catastrophic (in my opinion). Yiannis is an all rounder. Very professional, polite, nice individual with real technical talent, aesthetic eye and competitive pricing. Highly recommended.


Yiannis is a great dentist. I am not a fan of dentists generally and usually feel tense and uncomfortable in the chair, yet Yiannis put me at ease in the chair immediately. A rare ability .. it’s taken 50+ years not to want to run away from a dentist. The work was carried out painlessly. My teeth and mouth felt great and will be back in 6 months time for my check up! It’s nice to find a dentist with an easy can do attitude and ability & a nice environment too.