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Are you looking tired, drained and worn-out? We know that life takes its toll which is why we have put together the ultimate combination of dermal filler and anti-wrinkle injections to awaken the eyes, lift the cheeks and create a happier-looking you! Giving the illusion of a more airbrushed, softer look reawaken a youthful, energetic and revitalised appearance. Plus, you’ll be able to enhance and boost the results with a complimentary eye cream.
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100% Recommendable

I was thinking for more than a year to do a tear trough treatment, My friend recommended me to see DR Yiannis, because he was so happy with the result too. I am so happy with the result, he is very professional, honest and friendly.


Positive: Professionalism

I am very pleased with the extremely professional attitude and care provided by Dr Yiannis during and after the procedure. I felt well informed and all my questions were answered. I am satisfied with the results and more confident. Highly recommend, friendly clinician.


I have recently had my first treatments with Dr Yannis. I had Tear Trough treatment and three areas of Anti-Wrinkle treatment. It was my first time having Tear Trough treatment and he explained everything amazingly and was so considerate with my being a little nervous about it. The free follow up appointment was included and he made sure I was absolutely happy with the results of both treatments.

I am so happy to recommend him to people and I'm looking forward to returning for further treatments.