Refresh & Revitalise

Tired Look

Are you looking tired, drained and worn-out? We know that life takes its toll which is why we have put together the ultimate combination of treatments to waken the eyes, lift the cheeks and create a happier-looking you! With no more need to airbrush or edit photos, this treatment will replace heavy makeup and reawaken a youthful, energetic and revitalised appearance. Plus, you’ll be able to enhance and boost the results with a Dr Y complimentary eye cream.

This unique signature package combines the benefits of 5 different treatments in treating your under-eye area. This area is known as the ‘Tear Trough’ and the approach Dr Yiannis uses is suitable for both male and female patients of all ages, with either early or advanced signs of under eye hollowness and darkness. Through this package we simply refine the peri-orbital area rather than change the structure of the face. With just a few discreet tweaks, we can bring harmony and beautify the entire face – this is what defines the Anti Wrinkle Clinic, as our mission to make you look fresher, not different. Let Dr Yiannis tackle your tiredness, enhance your aesthetics and bring back your vibrant spark!

What to expect

The Refresh and Revitalise Signature Package consists of:
3 key treatments for volume and shape restoration
2 complementary treatments to tackle decongestion, intensely hydrate and reflect visible light, creating a more healthy-looking tear trough.

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What people say about us


5 star reviews

100% Recommendable

I was thinking for more than a year to do a tear trough treatment, My friend recommended me to see DR Yiannis, because he was so happy with the result too. I am so happy with the result, he is very professional, honest and friendly.


5 star reviews

Positive: Professionalism

I am very pleased with the extremely professional attitude and care provided by Dr Yiannis during and after the procedure. I felt well informed and all my questions were answered. I am satisfied with the results and more confident. Highly recommend, friendly clinician.


5 star reviews

I have recently had my first treatments with Dr Yannis. I had Tear Trough treatment and three areas of Anti-Wrinkle treatment. It was my first time having Tear Trough treatment and he explained everything amazingly and was so considerate with my being a little nervous about it. The free follow up appointment was included and he made sure I was absolutely happy with the results of both treatments.

I am so happy to recommend him to people and I'm looking forward to returning for further treatments.