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The Art of B–Toxin

If you’re looking for a seamless, youthful and rejuvenated appearance, then the Dr Yiannis Signature Treatment package is perfect for you. Combining years of experience with best-in-class anti-wrinkle injections, Dr Yiannis will use his perfected techniques to make you look less tired, less angry and more naturally beautiful. Wrinkles will be softened, and skin will lifted, leading to a truly rejuvenated result.

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I have used Dr Yannis for a range of skin care treatments over the past years. I could not be more pleased with the results. I was concerned that my appearance was becoming ‘haggard’ as I aged. The treatments Dr Yannis provided shaved years from my appearance. Yannis is welcoming, friendly and easy to talk to while still being highly professional. I have no hesitation in recommending Yannis to anyone looking for first class skin treatments.


It was first wrinkle management treatment and I was very nervous. I am also a woman of colour so was not sure if I needed to watch out for any specific risks. Dr Yiannis took me through the options and presented the history, benefits and common usage of the was the BEST decision I made as I absolutely loved the results. I have already booked a follow up treatment in 4 months time. Highly recommend.


Ive been seeing Dr Yiannis for the past 10 years for wrinkles and skin therapy. Throughout this time Dr Yiannis showed great care, professionalism and efficiency in his work and treatments. Over the time I gained immense trust in him and followed his honest and professional advice about skin care (Phloretin CF - antioxidant treatments it’s a MUST) and other treatments which have kept my skin healthy and youthful and boosted my confidence.

Thank you Dr Yiannis for taking your individual approach with your patients and for caring to improve their looks.