Soften or Sharpen

Redefine features

Are you looking to define your features to look more masculine of feminine? Using a combination of injectable treatments, Dr Yiannis can soften features to enhance your femininity or strengthen your definition to create a more masculine appearance. Whichever way, Dr Yiannis can create a package bespoke for your concerns.

This package consists of 5 different treatments and brings together science, anatomy and art. It is based on published beauty standards on male and female aesthetic and aims to enhance key anatomical points of attractiveness in both genders.

You may wonder – what is the male ideal face shape and how can the ideal harmony between upper and lower features be achieved? Or even –
What is the desirable female shape across the cultures?
Dr Yiannis demonstrates how the upper and mid-face should appear in correspondence to the lower face, depending on the look you wish to achieve. This package is all about shaping your face and elevating your ideals based on your personal needs.

What to expect

The Soften or Shape Signature Package consists of:
Multilayering hyaluronic acid injectables treatments for addition of volume
shape modification and refinement of patient’s ideals.

The treatment plan is tailored on individual needs and subject of a consultation.

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What people say about us


5 star reviews

I have been getting wrinkle treatment for many years but was becoming unhappy with the results. I decided to try out Anti Wrinkle Clinic and was not at all disappointed. In fact, I was DELIGHTED... absolutely the very best results I have ever had. Dr Yiannis was extremely professional, taking time to find out what I was concerned about, discussing the various options available to me. Excellent service, excellent results, very competitively priced. 100% recommended!


5 star reviews

"I am a lady of mature years who has rediscovered a real pride in my appearance since finding Yiannis. His professionalism and expertise shine through all the treatments I have been given by him. The fabulous results of the Thread treatment, a combination of short and long, were remarkable. Prior to Yiannis I always expected heavy bruising but his skill is second to none and even with the Threads my bruising was minimal. I have complete faith in him."


5 star reviews

I have been a client under Dr Valilas’s watchful eye since using his treatment for over ten years now. Dr Valilas came highly recommended to me over ten years ago and since then his professionalism has never faltered. The knowledge of his anti-wrinkle profession only adds to the trust and absolute confidence I have in using him. With a few past & present clients that I’m familiar with, have also praised his down to earth approach also agreed with me that his professional and an appropriate approach to his treatments accompanied by an easy to understand the type of attitude of ”No question is a Silly question” really puts all at ease. You can be reassured and be left having absolute confidence and trust in the service he provides. I would recommend the Dr’s Anti-Wrinkle Clinic to anyone in doubt, those first-timers or those who do know what they want.