the year of self care

2021, the year of self care
Life hasn’t really begun yet for 2020

Dec 8th, 2020

With aesthetic events and launches cancelled or postponed, and many businesses grinding to a halt, we’ve not seen as many upcoming trends for 2021, a year that still has many question marks surrounding it.

However, there is one thing that the Anti Wrinkle Clinic can certainly predict –

2021 will be the year of self-care.

The Year of You

As the pandemic forced the world to stop and fall to its knees, we suddenly had time to reflect. Many of us lead a busy, hectic life, and although we’ve all missed some of the ‘hustle and bustle’, we’ve also realised we’ve been neglecting ourselves.

In 2021 we are certain that people’s new year resolutions will reflect what they have learnt over the lockdown, and they will make self-care a priority going forward. But what will that self-care look like?

No more ‘one-size-fits-all’

We know we need to look after our skin and we know the right products are key, but we once again use the same old supermarket moisturiser we’ve been using for years, because we don’t have the time to really do our research. In 2021, we will finally start to look for a more bespoke approach. We’ve realised this year, more than ever before, so much about ourselves and we know that each individual has different requirements. 2021 will be the year we reach out for professional consultations to speak about our concerns and find out what products to use and what treatments will match our unique requirements.

We’re ready to say ‘YES’!

That’s it. We are never, ever saying ‘no’ to a party invitation ever again! Lockdown has reminded us how much we’ve taken our social lives for granted, but it’s not just parties we will be saying ‘yes’ to. We are most likely to start doing those things we’ve always wanted to do, but never have, and that will include seeking professional treatments.

Many of us think about how much we would just love our forehead lines to look less harsh, have a slightly more enhanced lip or even just get the glowing skin we’ve always wanted. Sometimes negative emotions show on our faces and you may find you are looking tired, angry, stressed and drained. 2021 will be the chance to reverse this as many will opt for treatments to soften these features, such as anti wrinkle injections.

After a non-existent year, we will be finally ready to take the plunge and book a consultation to make the first step towards that goal. 2020 will seem like a distant memory as we marry self-care with some subtle facial treatments to elevate our aesthetics and transition into a healthier skin regime. Afterall, why would we not care about our skin the same we do our mind and body?

Learning to love ourselves

Self-esteem is not something to be taken for granted. Many of us struggle with the concept of loving ourselves for who we are. Instead, we try to bring ourselves down, compare ourselves to others and find ways to change who we fundamentally are. In 2021, it will be time to accept how wonderful we are. Instead of longing to have the ‘reality star look’ of flawless skin, blown-up lips and over prominent cheek bones, we will simply look to tweak and enhance our natural beauty. Less is always more.

Staring into the Magic-8 Ball

Let’s face it – if we could predict the future then we would have set up home in the Bahamas at the beginning of 2020 with an endless pot of money. But truth be told, no-one saw the devastation that awaited this year.

It has been a difficult year for the world and one we will never forget. We all hope for a more “normal’ year next year, but no matter what lies ahead, we know we’ve all learnt to stop taking our health granted, and now is the time to really invest in our wellness. It’s time to bring out the best version of you!

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