Beauty Queen Ready with our 10-day Valentine’s Day Skin Prep

Beauty Queen Ready with our 10-day Valentine's Day Skin Prep
All you need is love and the best skincare and cosmetic clinic!

Feb 4th, 2019

One of the biggest nights of the year for LOVE and dating is right around the corner and you know what that means: pre-date prep is in full on effect or at least it should be!

Start your beauty and grooming prep one week before your Valentine’s Day date and you’ll be in tip-top shape and full of confidence when the night comes. And if that date is with your hot fine self then make a little more effort to love yourself even more.

Don’t wait until the night before your date to start your beauty prep countdown. Getting your skin ready for date night is essential and we’ve taken the worry away with our 10-day beauty preparation routine that’ll have you looking hot hot hot on Valentine’s Day!

Day 10: Boost That Flush Of Youth: Guys and Gals give your skin the best chance of showstopping beauty with a trip to your favourite aesthetic doctor, did I hear you cry Nu Face London! Now is the ideal time to opt-in to plump up the youth with a natural dermal filler treatment.

Whether is the hollow around your temples and darkness under the eyes (Tear Trough) or some volume loss which flattens your cheeks and makes you look old and drained, dermal fillers are here to address your concerns and add a flash of youth in your life and a big smile on your face. Nu Face London has built up its reputation on natural looking enhancement treatments, which aim to reveal the best of you. Now is also the perfect time to get your facial and lip fillers so that any minimal swelling or bruising has gone and they are looking perfect for Valentine’s Day.

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