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Everyone should be able to feel good about their appearance, and more men than ever before are now coming into clinics looking for aesthetic treatments. Here at the Anti Wrinkle Clinic, we offer a bespoke approach to treating men. We’re well versed on the anatomical differences between the male and female face, and we recognise that men are often looking for a different result.

Treatments for Men FAQ's

Absolutely! Male aesthetic treatments are becoming more and more commonplace, especially so at the Anti Wrinkle Clinic. According to data and marketing consultants Statista, the global male aesthetics market size has grown around 5% each year since 2016. We feel strongly that everyone should be able to feel good about their appearance, both women and men.

Treatments are tailored to meet each individual’s requirements, whether that’s to masculinise the face, or soften the features. Either way, the male anatomy is different to females and therefore requires a different approach. Men tend to have a much sharper, square-shaped face, with flatter cheekbones. Men’s skin also differs to women’s; it’s around 20% thicker, contains more collagen and is firmer. Our knowledge and expertise of male anatomy means you can achieve the outcome you want. By just tweaking areas such as the jawline or zygoma (cheek) we can create a more masculine look.

Don’t worry, you will definitely still look like you! We’ve all seen people in the media who have radically changed their look with aesthetic treatments but this is not how most respectable clinics operate. Our aim to make you just a fresher and more glowing version of you. Dr Yiannis has vast experience of treating men and prides himself on tweaking, not over treating. Your lines, wrinkles and every facial feature should be treated with care and respect and we will never erase your beautiful uniqueness.

Each patient we see has different requirements, however, we do pick up on trends. Currently, lots of our male patients want a more defined, angular jawline which we can achieve through injectable treatments. As always, anti-wrinkle treatments are consistently popular.

There are so many different treatments out there that we know it can be confusing working out what’s right for you. If you’re unhappy with your appearance, or want to look fresher, less tired and more youthful then book in for a consultation with us. We never put pressure on our patients and pride ourselves on being an ethical clinic. We also know that not everyone needs an injectable treatment – the best results always begin with adopting a bespoke skincare routine. Speak to us to find out more about the Obagi Medical professional skincare treatments.

As you can see, we have a range of signature packages available, all of which you could be interested in. If you’re not sure where to begin, we can create a bespoke package just for you that incorporates the treatments you need to achieve your desired results. For example, we can hydrate the skin using a moisture-boosting mesotherapy treatment and skin booster, and dermal fillers and toxin to smooth wrinkles and treat a hollow under-eye. Whatever you are looking for, we are happy to discuss in a consultation.

More men than ever before are coming into clinics looking for aesthetic treatments.

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5 star reviews

My personal experience with Yiannis was really positive. Before the treatment, we had a little chat that allowed him to know what product and techniques suited much better for me and that was THE BEST. I have tried others clinics and professionals but I've never felt more listened and understood. So definitely he knows what he does. Such a PROFESSIONAL. My treatment was facial fillers and after 10 months I am still able to enjoy the results. I would always recommend Yiannis


5 star reviews

Positive: Cleanliness, Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Value

Dr Yiannis has been providing anti wrinkle treatment for me for sometime now, I use to use another clinic before his, the results were no way as good! Let’s keep this simple, when I look at pics of my face a few years ago I look younger now! His service is friendly and equally as professional. An absolute five star from me!


5 star reviews

I have been going to Dr Yiannis for a number of years now, for antiwrinkle treatments and fillers. I can't recommend him highly enough. Professional and the advice that he gives is always spot on for me. He always knows what will suit me best. I trust him completely and would not want to put my face in anyone else's hands! Quality, excellence and competitively priced as well. Thank you so much Dr Yiannis!