Skin care

At the Anti Wrinkle Clinic, Dr Yiannis uses only the gold standard of skincare. As a doctor, the products he recommends are produced by world-renowned dermatologists, backed by science, so you can achieve the best results.

There’s said to be more than 25,000 skincare products available worldwide, so it’s no wonder that most people are confused about which products to use. Department stores have an array of luxury cosmetics to choose from, but these products are not always backed by science and tend to be sold by non-medics. You wouldn’t trust anyone but a medical professional treating any other organ, so why treat your skin any differently?

Dr Yiannis uses
only the gold standard
of skincare.

Common skin concerns
By using the right skincare, you can start to see visible results for these common skin concerns:

Ageing skin
Dry or oily skin
Pigmentation / sun spots
Skin laxity
Fine lines & wrinkles
Uneven complexion
Dull skin

We offer clinically supported products


Obagi medical

With a 30-year legacy of science and innovation, Obagi’s transformative research means that the needs can be met of every skin tone and type.

Obagi’s ethos for skincare is more than “correcting” or even “preventing,” it’s about unleashing the skin’s full potential. Their products are scientifically backed, clinical-quality formulations that promote healthy, future-facing skin. Whatever your skin concern, whatever your skin needs, there is an Obagi formulation for you.

ZO Skin Health

Another of my cherished skincare brands is ZO. They’re an advanced cosmeceutical skincare range developed by the renowned Dr Zein Obagi. The products work from the inside out, activating and stimulating your skin’s cells to nourish, repair and maintain themselves using the most potent ingredients, high concentrations, pure retinol, advanced peptides & powerful anti-oxidants. Products are based on a 5-step process; Cleanse, Activate (to increase the penetration of active ingredients); Stimulate (to awaken and rejuvenate dormant cells); Calm and Nourish; and Protect (sunscreen).

Revision Skincare

Revision Skincare was founded to change the way professional skincare results are achieved. They believe youthful-looking skin can be accomplished without ever compromising skin’s long-term health. Revision’s unique formulation philosophy is leading the way for better treatment methods & challenging traditional approaches to deliver powerful results. They’re supported by thorough clinical research, review and valuation by physicians around the world. Their mission is to give you the best skin of your life!


pHformula is the first pharma-cosmeceutical treatment line, due to an innovative alliance between cosmeceutical and medical prescriptions. The pHformula treatment system is based on the technology of regenerative medicine with the concept of creating controlled chemical skin resurfacing. The action of controlled chemical skin resurfacing is totally different than conventional peelings which mainly cause skin exfoliation. pHformula’s controlled resurfacing actively provokes an accelerated form of cell regeneration in the different skin layers, whilst trauma & superficial irritation are reduced. Developed as a dermatological skin resurfacing system, pHformula successfully treats skin disorders such as ageing, hyperpigmentation, acne and chronic redness.


Dr.Age is a breakthrough skin health and skin youth brand for the face and body. They use high-efficacy ingredients to develop products, services and protocols that truly work. The vision and realisation of Dr.Age is the result of the combined input of a panel of experts in their respective fields from around the globe. The Dr.Age Collective is composed of plastic surgeons, aesthetic doctors, nutritionists, visionary creatives & more who help shape the fundamentals of beauty, health & lifestyle for the future. The Dr.Age philosophy is based on The Rule of Thirds, which is how plastic surgeons analyse the face. They aim to micro-manage all skin needs with the precision and efficacy of a plastic surgeon and to approach each goal individually.


Mesoestetic Pharma Group is a multinational pharmaceutical company specialising in topical medicines, medical devices, medical-aesthetic devices, cosmeceuticals, and nutraceuticals. Founded in 1984, mesoestetic has provided integral cosmetic solutions characterised by their high degree of innovation and their high scientific contribution. The company has been committed to the development and marketing of top-quality products right from the start, with scientifically proven results. Mesoestetic works closely with hospitals, universities & experienced specialists from the sector to research and develop new treatments.

iS Clinical

Behind iS Clinical is a team of world-renowned pharmacologists, biochemists and physicians who are responsible for some of the greatest advances in skincare and antiageing medicine. The unique line of products consist of 95-98% botanically derived, pharma-grade quality cosmeceuticals with results driven “active level” formulations. Their knowledge and expertise has created a line of skincare products that target some of the most challenging skin problems such as acne, rosacea, ageing skin, pigment changes and dry, moisture-starved skin iS Clinical offers a full line of products that cleanse, moisturise, protect and repair, each built around the most advanced research and skincare technology

What people say about us


5 star reviews

Positive: Cleanliness, Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Value

Yiannis is so knowledgeable and passionate about what he does. I have put my skin care in Yiannis’s hands now for over 4 years. In that time not only has he reduced the signs of ageing, but he has changed my skins condition completely. I turned 50 last year and no one believes that I am, that is completely down to Yiannis. At 46 when I started going to him, my skin was sallow and I looked more like 50 back then! For menopausal women - your skin gets dry and no moisturiser or serum is doing the trick? That’s because you need different products in your life. Yiannis advises on skin care, I get all my skin care products from him. He also takes care of a horrible deep set wrinkle in my forehead with a wrinkle treatment - which for those of you who are bothered by a deep set wrinkle, you don’t have to live with it!

If you are reading this review and have been uncertain who you can trust to take care of you and make you feel at ease - just make an appointment to talk to him. Yiannis has become a good friend over the years and I couldn’t and wouldn’t be without him. He advises without the hard sell - he will always give you options for your budget. He listens - which I think is the most important thing for anyone who is uncertain and nervous about having procedures done, (which I definitely use to be). He has done so much for me and my confidence - I can’t rate him high enough !


5 star reviews

My main concern was always the dryness of my skin and the wrinkles around my mouth. Dr Yiannis introduced me to Nu-Derm System by Obagi Medical Products and provided me with a protocol customised to my facial needs. After 6 weeks the result was obvious, my skin was glowing and I didn’t need to put any make up on as there was nothing to hide! Furthermore, Dr Yiannis has been very compassionate and quick to his replies on my concerns during the treatment, which was greatly appreciated. Totally recommended for an uplifting mood and skin..! Thank you Dr. Yiannis!


5 star reviews

I had a large brown pigmentation mark on my face for over 20 years. I used make up to cover it but it didn’t work. Over the years I tried many ways to remove or lighten it but it actually worsened as time went by. After much research, it was my good fortune that I booked a consultation with Dr Yiannis Valilas. He suggested that I try using "Obaji nu derm". Not only will it fade my problem area but at the same time it will address all other pigmentation on my face with an overall improvement of my skin. He explained that the products are also anti-aging and fine lines and wrinkles will diminish noticeably. He went into detail on the side effects that I may experience while the skin adjusted to its new regime. He gave me written instructions which I found extremely helpful as I wanted this to work and felt assured that if I followed Yiannis’s advice it would be successful. I was excited for the outcome but also nervous that my face would become very red and dry. At times I did experience some of the symptoms but I was prepared for these so I wasn’t concerned. Included in the treatment was an intense moisturiser which I used during these times to calm redness and stop pealing and it worked instantly. After a short while the side effects stopped as I continued using and seeing results.

I used the product for around 4 months and the outcome is truly remarkable. The large pigmentation has more or less disappeared, I no longer have to constantly apply make-up to cover it and I am more confident when meeting people. My skin glows and I receive many compliments about it. Yiannis suggested that I took photos every week and I now have a collection of these clearly showing how my skin has rejuvenated. When I look back to the first week’s photo I am still shocked by the dramatic difference. I couldn’t be happier and recommend others to try it. I also highly recommend Yiannis, I put my trust in him and it paid off. He is likeable and approachable and showed patience and reassurance with me when I repeated my concerns. He has continued to show interest even though I stopped using the products and I feel he would continue to do so. I am grateful and fortunate.